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March 6, 2017
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Happy Hot Tubs *50 Chlorine Tablets 20g* + *50 Aquachek Test Strips* + *Dispenser* Swimming Pool Spa

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1 x Small Dispenser with 50 Chlorine Tablets (1kg) and 50 Aquachek 4 in 1 Chlorine Test Strips, ,Product Information, ,This special pack comes with a floating dispenser,50 Chlorine tablets and 50 chlorine test strips!,This dispenser floats on the surface of your Swimming pool or Hot Tub water. The use of this dispenser results in far more consistent levels of Chlorine than a standard granular dosing., ,Aquachek is the leading brand of test strips  ,we sell more multiple packs of these in our shop .,Specification:,Removable Cap to Tablet storage area. ,Set and Forget! Adjustable vent. ,Measures Approximately 135mm high & 125mm Diameter. ,Made from strong durable plastic. ,For 1-1/2” Tablets (unsuitable for 200g Tablets) ,PLEASE NOTE: REMOVE THE DISPENSER WHEN THE POOL OR SPA IS IN USE.,The 50 Ultimate chlorine tablets included are used to control bacteria and algae in your pool or spa. This is equivalent to 1kg !,Place in your skimmer or the dispenser included.,Never place directly into your spa or pool as severe Bleaching/Staining may occur.,


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