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Happy Hot Tubs Aquablanc Basic 5 part Starter Kit Free of Chemicals Hot Tub Inflatable Spa

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Aquablanc Piece Starter Kit   ,Chlorine and Bromine free ,Suitable for all Hot Tubs and Inflatable Spas.,This non-chlorine active oxygen treatment offers users an  alternative, for effective sanitization of hot tub water.,Aquablanc Basic Starter Kit includes:,1. 1 kg o2 Tablets.,2. 1 ltr Combination A Liquid.,3. Aquablanc Test Strips.,4. Aquablanc Spa Care Guide.,5. Floating Dispenser.,WE STOCK ALL THESE INDIVIDUALLY when you need to top up any Aquablanc products .,The Aquablanc Active O2 system is a dual action system requiring a weekly dose of Aquablanc A Combination Liquid,combined with O2 Tablets dosed via a floating dispenser prior to bathing. ,APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS ,Aquablanc A Combination Liquid ,Initial: 60ml Aquablanc A Liquid per 1,500 litres of spa water. ,Weekly: 15ml Aquablanc A Liquid per 1,500 litres of spa water. ,Aquablanc O2 Tablets ,Initial: 2 x 20g tablets per 1,500 litres of spa water. ,Prior to bathing: 1 x 20g tablet per 1,500 litres of spa water. ,Aquablanc A Combination Liquid can be added directly into the spa with the circulation pump running. ,Aquablanc O2 Tablets should be applied via a floating dispenser or spa skimmer to prevent bleaching of spa surface. ,Note: A weekly application of AquaSPArkle Spa Fusion or non chlorine shock is recommended .,FAQ,What is Active Oxygen?,Active Oxygen sanitation is based on potassium monopersulphate tablets.  Potassium monopersulphate works in a similar way as chlorine or bromine in that it kills bacteria and breaks down bather waste. However,unlike chlorine or bromine,monopersulphates don’t produce by-products that irritate the skin or eyes and cause nasty smells.,Active Oxygen O2 tablets are used in conjunction with a weekly does of a liquid activator  which also acts as an algaecide.,How often should I add the liquid? ,Weekly.,How often should I add the tablets?,Before you use your hot tub or add some weekly if it is not used.


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