Intex Easy Set Pool 15′ x 48″ Swimming Pool Above Ground 15 FT Diameter 48 Inch Deep with Filter Pump
March 21, 2017
Intex 15ft x 42″ Easy Set Above Ground Pool with Filter Pump and Accessories (28166)
March 21, 2017
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Zodiac Hippo Original Rectangular Pool 16.55m x 8.25m

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Zodiac Hippo Original Rectangular Pool 16.55m x 8.25m x 1.25m Deep We are delighted to have been appointed as a main distributor for the Azteck and Original pools from Zodiac in 2008. Available in three shapes:- ROUND (WINKY): 5.00m dia. x 1.05m deep (3.8m internal) 6.30m dia. x 1.05m deep (5.0m internal) 6.55m dia. x 1.20m deep (5.0m internal) 7.50m dia. x 1.20m deep (6.0m internal) 9.50m dia. x 1.30m deep (7.8m internal) OVAL (OVLINE): 7.0m x 5.0m x 1.0m deep (5.8m x 3.0m internal) 9.2m x 6.3m x 1.2m deep (7.2m x 3.5m internal) 11.2m x 7.3m x 1.2m deep (9.2m x 4.5m internal) RECTANGULAR (HIPPO): 11.80m x 7.70m x 1.20m deep ( 9.0m x 5.0m internal) 16.55m x 8.25m x 1.25m deep (13.5m x 4.6m internal) The Zodiac original technology relies on the balance between the various pressures (air and water). The air and water are confined in a flexible wall that arches under their pressures and guarantees the hold of the pool. It’ so simple with a Zodiac Original pool:- – ease of transport – simple installation – quick assembly – take it with you when you move home – during the winter months simply deflate it and store it away DYALON FEATURE Zodiac developed the Dyalon material which is made up of a dense polyester textile base placed between a double internal and external coating, the double wire reinforcement of which pushes back the limits of the tear strength, and resistance to abrasion and varying climate. THERMOBONDING Resulting from aeronautical techniques, thermobonding is a robotised industrial heat assembly process for flexible composite materials. This process is a guarantee of constant quality of the assembly and sturdiness. Thermobonding is used for assembly of the fabric panels of Zodiac Original Pools. WATER TEMPERATURE The tube ring of a Zodiac Original Pool, thanks to its unique water circulation system, acts as a heat exchanger. The sun heats up the tube ring, the air confined within the tube increases in temperature and heats up the water




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