AMANKA XXL Swing Chair 185×130 it rotates 360° Hanging Seat made of cloth Beige
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February 22, 2019
AMANKA XXL Swing Chair 185×130 it rotates 360° Hanging Seat made of cloth Beige
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March 18, 2019
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AMANKA XXL Swing Chair 185×130 it rotates 360° Hanging Seat made of cloth Beige


WIDE AND STURDY: the hammock by AMANKA is approx. 185×130 cm and bear a maximum weight of 150 kg – you can rock together with your loved one without worries. Delivery: 1x Hammock Chair (consisting of: 1x cotton cloth, 1x wooden bar, 1x metal swivel)
100% NATURAL COTTON: the fabric is resistant and durable (320 g / m²), delicate even on direct contact with your skin, washing machine washable at 30°C
SUITABLE FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR: it can be easily hung to a branch of a tree in the garden / courtyard or it can be installed in your porch, balcony, terrace, living room, children’s room, kids bedroom, attic, etc.


It belongs to summer, just like a slice of watermelon or a sand castle. In the comfortable hanging chair from AMANKA you can gently swing and relax for hours. Perfect to be hung in the garden, balcony, terrace and, why not? also in the living room, children’s bedroom, attic, etc.

We didn’t save on material: the XL piece of strong cloth measures approx. 185×130 cm, it is made of 320 g/m² dense cotton fabric. So you can even sit together with your child or comfortably lie down – the canvas is approx. 185 cm long.

The sturdy metal swivel ensures a comfortable sitting posture: you can freely rotate 360° without the risk of form a tangle of ropes, extremely useful in the presence of high-energetic kids.
Quick and easy to install: you just need a sturdy tree branch in the garden, a frame for swing chairs, or a dowel + a hook in the ceiling.

The hammock is equipped with a solid non-slip spreader-bar. The wooden bar can be removed, so you can easily wash the canvas in the washing machine at 30°C.

Product features:
Size (Cloth): approx. 185×130 cm
Size (Bar): approx. 100×4 (Ø) cm
Swing chair total height: approx. 155 cm
With 1 metal swivel
Material (Cloth): 100% cotton, 320 g/m²
Material (Single-spreader bar): solid wood
Load-bearing capacity: max. 150 kg

Scope of delivery:
1x Swing Chair in the chosen color (consisting of: 1x piece of cloth, 1x wooden spreader bar, 1x metal swivel)
DOUBLE HAMMOCK SWING – big and stable enough for two people to seat in. It can be used by children as a swing to play and by adults as a hanging rocking chair to relax and read. For both indoors and outdoors
150 KG LOAD-BEARING CAPACITY – the single-spreader bar ensures extra safety: made of solid wood with non-slip system. Perfect for relaxing in the backyard, on the balcony, on the terrace or as a fun and colorful accessory for the children’s room
100% COTTON – the XL canvas is about 185 x 130 cm large, it is made of natural cotton – 320 g/m². Comfortable: adapts to the shape of the back, the weight is distributed evenly and relieves the load on the spinal column
DECORATIVE – portable and removable, you can hang it (almost) anywhere: in the garden, balcony, nursery, living room, attic, etc. Among the wide range of AMANKA products, you can also find the practical mobile stand!
REVOLVING 360° – the metal swivel allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees to the left or right, extremely useful in the presence of lively kids. Swing chair total height: approx. 155 cm. Wooden spreader-bar: approx. 100 cm long