Terapy Ergonomic Living Terapy – Maxi Pouf Black
Baloo Bean Bag Chair Colour: Bordeaux
August 22, 2017
Terapy Ergonomic Living Terapy – Maxi Pouf Black
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August 30, 2017
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Terapy Ergonomic Living Terapy – Maxi Pouf Black


Contents: approx. 700 Litre Black
Size: approx. 170cm x 70cm x 50cm
Lining material: terapy is made from a variety of high quality and stretch cotton. 100% Cotton Filling: the bean bag is filled with special EPS grains, which main of the product is made of polystyrene. This is supplied not from recycled sources.

Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days.

The design of maxi TERAPY we have thought about you. The bean bag fits thanks to the special padding and the lining in soft elastic cotton Fits perfectly around the profile of your body. Optimal back and shoulders are supported, which eases the wirbe column is. The result is a comfortable seat and above all healthy position. Stress developing im Nu.
For enjoying relaxing sun can use Maxi TERAPY in the hottest periods also open, while in the cold, this beanbag in days of rain with the breathable material, to create an atmosphere that is soft and calda. TERAPY Maxi therefore offers in the home and outdoors comfortable and healthy fun.
maxi-TERAPY is multifunctional and can be used in combination with various accessories to a chair, sofa or bed umgeformt of two or three people. Your wish is Maxi TERAPY S Control.
Desk Chair are enough? Perhaps it is not discomforting but not really are the calm – Maxi TERAPY comes of high pressure of exercise and stress for assistance. Enjoy a moment for yourself, relax, so that they can wieder fresh and full of energy to work.
Also pregnancy or nut, this beanbag offers a management for the back. Maxi – TERAPY offers ergonomic comfort and supports phase of the vertebral column, facilitates the pressure on wirbe column so that it can Mama stand mal of large belly. The Embrace Of TERAPY in combination with the products from ritual plan for a correct relaxing zen of moment. For strengthening the feeling of home, heat and rest for each order of TERAPY, get a surprise of aromatic ritual.
Take time, find your time. is your GET TERAPY addition ritual.
Contents: ca. 700 litres, Colour: Black
Size: ca. 170 cm x 70 cm x 50 cm
Material: Cover: TERAPY is made from a high quality variety and extendable Cotton. 100% cotton Filling: EPS Special the bean bag is ready filled with grains that main product is composed of polystyrene. This recycled sources is supplied.
The outer cover is removable and washable. Available in 15 colours.
For complete TERAPY U or tube TERAPY suitable.




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